Intact Solutions CEO, Vadim Shapiro


Vadim Shapiro joins the show to discuss his company’s “meshless” FEA technology. Scan-and-Solve is a plug-in for Rhino that could easily find its way into other mainstream products.

Your Life Upfront subscription is ending


Many of you are subscribed to my blog via email. I’m shutting down the old service and setting up a new and better one. As always, the option is free. Sign up now.

Mike Shipulski on Humans Engineering


Engineering thought leader, Mike Shipulski, joins me to discuss everything from DFMA to growing courageous engineers.

Stop showing me your bald spot


An observation on engineering presentation for the follically challenged.

Cyprien Rusu on the MidasNFX CAE suite


Could a French Engineer living in South Korea be preparing to battle Big CAE? Let’s find out in this interview with Cyprien Rusu of MidasNFX.

Electronics Cooling Master and Author, Tony Kordyban


Electronics cooling expert and author, Tony Kordyban, shares thoughts on his background, the state of CFD simulation, and how to most painlessly improve your professional writing.

Pointwise President, John Chawner

I'm not all things to all people, but I might be all things to you.

John Chawner, President of Pointwise discusses state of the art CFD meshing and the buzzy term, “Democratization of CAE.”

Flowkit CEO, Jonas Latt (Part 2)


Part 2 of a 2 part interview with Jonas Latt, CEO of Flowkit.
Let’s dig into the future of CAE in the Cloud.

Engineering Audio Underload

I gotta have more pod.

A call for more engineering related podcasts.
And, some great titles to catch in the meantime.

Flowkit CEO, Jonas Latt (Part 1)

I like my CFD in the sky.

Part 1 of a 2 part interview with Jonas Latt, CEO of Flowkit.
Meshless, Open Source CFD in the Cloud? Yes, please.