Create a culture of innovation

Do you see excitement and passion as you scan your local cube farm?
If not, change it.

What’s the industry standard CAD/CFD license ratio?

There ain’t no such animal. But, here are some factors to consider.

Have a great idea in the car? Don’t lose it. Jott it.

Here’s a quick (and free way) to capture ideas while on the go. Just dial a secret number and talk into your phone.

Ensure the upfront CAE ROI with a simple “attaboy”

Some carrots and recognition go a long way.

Sometimes you don’t have the luxury of “upfront” CFD

The 3 primary use cases for upfront CAE.

Find a great flight AND a great seat

A couple of nice (and free) online tools to help you plan your next flight.

Build internal CFD expertise with Technology Transfers

Some thoughts on recent successes kickstarting upfront CAE ROI by including a touch of initial consulting.

Beware the upfront CFD non-specialist specialist

When it comes to upfront CAE, you typically shoot yourself in the foot by pigeon-holing a single member of the design team.

Logitech V270 mouse: road warrior excellence

I can’t believe I took the time to review a mouse.

Save time: stop looking for stuff on the web

Learn all about RSS feeds in under 4 minutes.
You need this in your life.