Things People Get Wrong About Odin The Allfather

Although Odin’s reputation now cannot rival Thor God of Thunder and Storm, Odin the Allfather was the chief god and the most important figure in Norse mythology. Seemingly, Norse mythology revolved around Odin. Like Thor, Odin became the inspirational source for modern art work. Yet, some details make people getting wrong about the original Odin in Norse mythology. In this blog post, we discuss things that people get wrong about Odin and a brief description of this Chief God of War.

Odin wasn’t foster-father of Loki

Odin and Loki were not father and son in Norse mythology. The modern version of Loki depicted Loki as a villain with the desire to overthrow Thor and desire for the Asgard throne. Some surviving sources claimed that Loki with his fast talk persuaded Odin to let him stay in Asgard along the gods. Some claimed Odin and Loki as the brothers which could easily debunk. Because Odin had only two brothers whose names were Vili and Ve. Odin, Vili, and Ve slew the ancient giant Ymir and fashioned the world as their own will.

The Punishment of Loki in Norse mythology
Loki in Norse mythology was the killer of Odin’s beloved son, Baldur. For this, Odin punished Loki by making him witness the death of his own son and bound Loki to the rock with the entrails of his own son. In Norse mythology, Loki and Odin were no father and son.

Odin had many sons

In Norse mythology, Odin had many sons. Nearly all the gods in Norse Pantheon were sons of Odin.

  • Baldur the Prince and the God of Shining was the beloved son of Odin and Frigg the Queen.
  • Thor Norse god of Thunder and Storm was son of Odin and Jord giantess of the Earth.
  • Bragi God of Music and Poem was the son of Odin and Gunlodd the giantess guarding Mead of Poetry
  • Heimdall Guardsman of Asgard was the son of Odin and Nine Sea Maidens
  • Vidar God of Revenge was the son of Odin and an obscure woman.

Odin banished Jormungand the Serpent to Midgard, not banished Thor

In Norse mythology, the one that Odin banished into Midgard was Jormungand, not Thor God of Thunder and Storm. From the beginning, Odin learnt of his clan’s fate. Norse Pantheon was going to meet its collapse when Ragnarok broke on the sky. Loki and his children were the ones who triggered off Ragnarok. That’s why Odin and gods planned to separate Loki’s children into different lands.

Jormungand Midgard Serpent in Norse mythology
Jormungand the Midgard Serpent in Norse mythology

And Odin cursed Jormungand the Midgard into the deep ocean of Midgard. There, he lay grew up to the size that he could encircle the whole Midgard with his body.

Odin the Allfather didn’t wear horned helmet

Horned helmet is cool, hands-down favorite thing for many of us. But Odin didn’t wear any horned helmet, nor did the Vikings. Horned helmet was a modern creation around the 19th century. No literal and archaeological evidence supported historical existence of the horned helmet.

Odin the Allfather in Norse mythology?

In Norse mythology, Odin often appeared as an old man with long beard with a dark cloak. He took up the wandering life sometimes to travel the worlds. His constant companions were a pair of ravens, Huginn and Muninn. Odin was one-eyed. Sometimes, Odin also shapeshifted himself into a muscular and handsome man, for example, in his quest for the Mead of Poetry where he lured Gunlodd the giantess.

Up in Asgard, Odin had a High Throne Hliðskjálf where he would sit to observe what were happening in the worlds below. Under his throne was a pair of wovles with whom he shared his food. Odin rode on an eight-legged horse whose name was Sleipnir. His weapon was the Gungnir spear which never missed its target.

Image of Odin's symbols ravens
Odin and his ravens

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