Norse Wolves: Friend of Gods or Terminator

Wolves are among the most complicated figures in any mythology as the course of the history goes. Norse wolves were among the most controversial and as mysterious as Loki the Trickster in Norse myth. Wolves in Norse mythology included: Fenrir the Terminator, Hati and Skoll the Swallowers of the Moon and the Sun, and Geri and Freki Odin’s constant companions.

Fenrir the Terminator

Fenrir was among the most infamous Norse characters. Because the role of Fenrir in Norse myth was to ignite Ragnarok and wage war against the Norse gods.

Fenrir was the son of Loki which made him become the siblings of Jormungandr the Great Midgard Serpent and Hel the Queen of Helheim. The trio and their father were responsible for igniting Ragnarok, ending the glory of Norse gods.

Fenrir was among the most powerful Norse wolves. He was the one that ignited Ragnarok and put the end to the glory of Norse gods
Viking Wolf Fenrir who killed Odin 

The reason for “Terminator” was that Fenrir was the wolf that slew Odin the Allfather in their final combat. Fenrir with the upper jaw touching the sky and the lower jaw on Earth swallowed Odin when in their final battle.

Fenrir thereby symbolized the destruction of the world. Because after Ragnarok which was the result of Fenrir, the world started everything from scratch. He also put a full stop to the glorious story of Norse gods.

Hati and Skoll

According to some sources, these two Norse wolves, Hati and Skoll, were the offspring of Fenrir the Wolf. Hati and Skoll didn’t appear much in Norse mythology. The pair spent most of their time chasing down the Sun and the Moon. But every time they tried, they failed.

Norse wolves eating the Sun and the Moon were Hati and Skoll
Hati and Skoll Viking Wolf Symbol

Only when Ragnarok broke on the sky did the pair manage to catch the Sun and the Moon. From that moment on, the whole world fell into the blackness.

Geri and Freki

The constant companions of Odin were not only the two ravens but also two wolves, Geri and Freki. However, no vivid account told us what was the role of the two wolves. They often appeared beneath the throne of Odin and sometimes followed him into the battle.

Odin on High Throne with ravens and wolves
Odin on his High Throne with ravens and wolves. Odin often gave his wolves all of his food. He only consumed wine 

Odin gave all of his food to Geri and Freki. He consumed the mead only.

There is archaeological evidence showing the respect of the Vikings towards Geri and Freki. The small statue found in Lejre depicting Odin on his High Throne, his ravens perching on his throne and his wolves behind the High Throne.

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