Norse Seers: Who could see the future in Norse myth?

The power that many people desire to have is the ability to see the future. Everyone wants to know what will happen to them in the future. In Norse mythology, there were many characters that we can call the Norse Seers. The list contains many names but they all shared a similarity: they were females.

The Norns

Norns were the female creatures whose the power was to create the fate of all beings in the cosmos. There were three Norns in Norse mythology and they lived in the well of Urd in Yggdrasil Tree of Life.

The names of Norns were Urd, Verdandi, and Skuld, meaning past, present, and future respectively. They spent most of their timeĀ  weaving the threads of destiny of all beings.

Image of Viking Norns Norse Seers
Three Norns in Norse mythology wove the destiny of all beings in the cosmos


Frigg was the wife of Odin and also the Aesir chief goddess. In Norse mythology, Frigg often wove the cloud and had the ability to see the future. But she would tell no one about what she could see happen in the future.

Image of Baldur's death Loki's biggest trick
Baldur’s death was prophesied

The most famous time of this ability was when Frigg could see the death of her son. She was in pain and suffered a lot when seeing her beloved son’s death. Frigg tried many ways to escape the fate. But she couldn’t change it. Baldur Frigg’s son was supposed to die just as the way Frigg saw in her dream. Frigg the goddess might have hated her power of seeing the future sometimes. Because she had to witness and experience twice: in her dream and in reality.


Freya was also among the Norse seers and she was famous for the power she had. Freyja was considered to be a volva in Norse mythology. Simply, a volva was the one that could give out the prophecy of the future.

Freya once traveled around the worlds to practice her power as a volva. This led to the Vanir and Aesir Conflict in Norse mythology.

Image of Norse seers
Freya was a powerful seeress in Norse mythology

A Mysterious Dead Seeress

There was no source that directly mentioned the name of this dead seeress. All we know about this mysterious figure was that she could see Baldur’s death. Odin once traveled to the underworld asking her to decipher the meaning of Baldur’s dream of his own death.

Legend had it that gods appointed Odin to meet the seeress to get an explanation about Baldur’s death. Odin wasted no second and galloped his steed Sleipnir to the underworld. There he came across a hall that a feast was seemingly about to happen. Odin woke the seeress up and questioned the seeress about the feast. She responded that it was for a guest of honor who was none other than Baldur Odin’s son. She even told Odin about how Baldur would die and she was happy to feast with Baldur very soon. Once the seeress knew who she was talking to, she stopped. But that was enough for Odin to know. And as we know about the death of Baldur, everything the seeress prophesied became reality in Norse mythology.

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