Muspelheim – Fire Land

Norse Muspelheim was the land of fire, the very first element that formed the first being in the myth.

Muspelheim (MOO-spell-hame) had an Old Norse name as Múspellsheimr which meant the world of Muspel. Muspelheim was one of the Nine Worlds in Norse mythology and it was the home of the fire giants. The land of Muspelheim was full of burning fire, lava, and sparks. The ruler of Muspelheim was the giant Surtr who had the fire sword. The fire element from Muspelheim featured both in the Creation of Norse World and the downfall in Ragnarok. Specifically, the fire from the Muspelheim melted the ice from Niflheim. This resulted in the appearance of the first giant Ymir. During Ragnarok, Surtr wielded his sword and engulfed the whole cosmos in the fierce fire.

Image of Norse Muspelheim
Muspelheim land of fire

Presumably, the name of Muspelheim was a late creation in Prose Edda, one of the sources recording the Norse myth. However, the principle of the cosmos was somehow illustrated in this late work. The oldest meaning of Muspel seemed to be “the end of the world through fire”. This exactly coincided with the event of Surtr setting the whole cosmos on fire.

Image of the Fire Giant Surtr
Surtr the Fire Giant

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