Jotunheim – Giant Land

While Asgard was a dreamland and the home of Gods, Jotunheim was totally reverse kingdom. Norse Jotunheim was not an ideal place for the humanity to live in although the human eyes could not see this world.

Jotunheim was one of the Nine Worlds in Norse mythology. It was the land of the giant or the jotun in the myth. The Old Norse name of Jotunheim was Jötunheimr and the way to pronounce it was “YO-tun-hame”. The dwellers in Norse Jotunheim was the giant who were the sworn enemies to the Norse gods. The terrain of Jotunheim consisted mostly of rocks, dense forest, and wilderness. There was no fertile farmland in Jotunheim.

Image of Norse Jotunheim
Jotunheim land of darkness and wildness

The other name for Jotunheim was Utgard (OOT-gard). The Old Norse name of Utgard was Útgarðr meaning “beyond the fence”. That is to say, Jotunheim was the clearest example of the concept of innangard “inside the fence” and utangard “outside the fence”. While Asgard was the model orderly place for innangard, Jotunheim was completely a place of chaos as what utangard place epitomized. The land of Jotunheim was the place beyond the fence which was surrounded with wilderness. The fact was that, the word “wilderness” originated from the Old Norse wild-deor-ness meaning “the place of self-willed monsters”. Presumably, Jotunheim was the epitome of a vast wilderness that encircled the civilized land of Midgard.

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