Norse God Names and How They Gained The Epithets?

Each god had for themselves an epithet (or epithets) that vividly told the story of their lives. For example, Odin was sometimes known as the One-Eyed. Because his physical appearance had only one eye and his another eye was exchanged for wisdom. In this blog post, we dwell into some of Norse god names and the stories behind those titles. This blog post will explain three Norse god names: Odin the Allfather, Vidar God of Revenge, and Tyr the Upholder of Justice and Law.

Odin the Allfather

If someone mentions “Allfather”, Odin pops up in our mind. The reason why Odin was the Allfather was that Odin fathered many famous mighty sons as well as the humanity.

Odin was the father of Thor Norse god of Thunder and Storm that defended Asgard, Heimdall Guardsman of Asgard, Baldur Prince of Asgard, Vidar God of Revenge, etc. All sons of Odin were both famous and mighty. They all achieved something super-special in Norse mythology.

Moreover, Odin was also the creator of the humanity. Once Odin was wandering along the sea shore, he caught sight of two logs and he came up with the idea of creating something out of the logs. And there we have, the humanity out of the wooden logs that Odin came across. He shaped the logs resembling him and he breathed life into two logs, giving them emotions, complexion, and thought. That’s how Odin was known as the Allfather.

Image of Odin Viking Supreme God
Odin the Allfather

Vidar God of Revenge

Among the sons of Odin, Vidar was the least famous son. In the beginning, he was known as the God of Silence. Because most of the time, Vidar spent his time sitting in his garden and gazing at the trees he planted.

He remained silent all the time. It was not until Ragnarok the Doomsday of Norse gods that Vidar finally revealed himself. He was the son who managed to seek revenge for Odin the Allfather. On hearing the death of his father, Vidar set out to make Fenrir the Wolf pay his ultimate price. Vidar used his shoes that were designed for this moment only. He stepped one shoe in the mouth of Fenrir and used his bare hand to split the mouth of Fenrir apart.

Vidar was the Norse god of Revenge
Vidar God of Revenge in Norse mythology was the slayer of Fenrir the Wolf

Tyr The Upholder of Law and Justice

If we dwell deeper into Tyr Norse god, we are likely to fall for this God rather than anyone else. Because Tyr was the only one that dared to stand up for what was right and for the values he had been holding dear.

In Norse mythology, there was a time when Norse gods raised Fenrir themselves up in Asgard. They did this as a means to prevent Ragnarok. When Fenrir grew up at an incredible size, Norse gods decided they had to tie the wolf somewhere so that the wolf could do no harm to others. But it was no easy task. They had to lie to Fenrir tricking him into their plan to bind him up with a magical chain. The gods promised Fenrir to let him go if he couldn’t break the chain. But they went back on their promise. Tyr was the only one who felt ashamed for what Norse gods had done. He let Fenrir bite off and chew his hand as a way to make up for what his clan had done to the wolf.

This detail honored Tyr to the point that he became the Upholder of Law and Justice. While Odin sacrificed himself for his own desire (having more wisdom), Tyr sacrificed for the good of his clan.

Tyr the Upholder of Justice and Law in Norse mythology felt ashamed when Norse gods went back on their promise with Fenrir the Wolf. There Tyr sacrificed his hand for the good of his clan
Tyr the Upholder of Justice and Law in Norse mythology felt ashamed when Norse gods went back on their promise with Fenrir the Wolf. There Tyr sacrificed his hand for the good of his clan

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