Norse Concept of Time: Time is Unbeatable

The Viking society and way of thinking were vividly reflected in the Norse mythology. That is, time is not endless and everyone would have their own amount of time, even the gods. This blog post focuses on the Norse concept of time that appeared in Norse mythology.

Gone are the days of the Vikings, their concepts and lifestyles still remain valuable treasures in the modern time. In some mythologies, gods are the most powerful. They are nearly perfect and no one can ever find fault with them. Yet, the Norse mythology is completely different. Gods in Norse mythology have their own shortcomings. They are greedy, selfish, and has their own ambitions. They could not win the power of time as well.

Thor vs. Elii: Norse concept of time

The story went back to the first time (and maybe last time) Thor went to the land of Utgard-Loki the land of Jotunheim. There, Thor was engaged in many competitions. One of them was to fight with an old woman. Her name is Elli.

Image of the woman who could defeat Thor in Norse mythology. Norse concept of time
The depiction of Elli which means “Age”. Elli was the only woman who could defeat Thor in Norse mythology. Norse concept of time

And, there came the wrestling battle between Thor and Elli. However, much to everyone’s surprise, Thor lost the game. Elli won. And nothing would have been discussed more if Elli had not been an old woman. Yes, Thor was defeated by an old woman which became an insult to Thor. 

However, when Thor was about to leave Utgard-Loki, Utgard-Loki told Thor that Elli was the embodiment of old age and time. No one could ever beat the power of time, even Thor the Asgard defender.

In Norse mythology, time waited for no one, even the gods. They had to accept their own fates. Their time in Norse mythology was not endless. Because when the Ragnarok came, their time was over.

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