Alfheim – Elf Land

Norse Alfheim was one of the Nine Worlds.

The Old Norse name of Alfheim (pronunciation ALF-hame) was Álfheimr. The land of Alfheim was the home of the Norse elves. Elves were the Norse of demigod-like creatures. Like Vanaheim, there were few surviving materials of Alfheim. And barely can we know the exact position of Alfheim between the Yggdrasil Tree of Life.

Image of Norse Alfheim
Alfheim land of light

The dwellers of Alfheim were the luminous elves. They were described in Norse myth as being more beautiful than the sun. Thereby, we may assume that the land of Alfheim was a gracious kingdom of beauty and light.

The ruler of the Vanaheim was Freyr a Vanir god tribe. Freyr was the god of sunshine and fair weather. He had a twin sister who was Freya a powerful goddess of war, sex, and beauty. The relationship between elves and gods, especially the Vanir gods, was quite ambiguous though. Elves were quite complex because there were times they would help the human. However, they sometimes caused troubles to the human. Love affairs between elves and human happened. And the products of these were half-human and half-elf children being born.

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