5 Times Loki’s Tricks Were Annoying to Gods (Part 2)

The tricks that Loki could ever think up to trick other people were not just cutting Sif’s hair or kidnapping Idun. There were other three times that Loki’s tricks put other people in the worst and the most annoying situation.

Loki Ruined The Feast

Aegir was the sea giant that had quite a good relationship with Norse gods. One day, he host a party in his palace and invited many guests. The horns were full of ale and the place was full of laughters until Loki spoiled the atmostphere.

Because the trickster couldn’t tolerate the praise for Aegir’s servant Fimafengr so Loki did kill Fimafengr. Of course, this was beyond the tolerance of all the guests. The Aesir gods were so ashamed of Loki’s deed that they chased Loki out of the party. But this trickster never gave up on spoiling the peaceful atmosphere of other people. Loki made deal with one of the servant and was allowed to enter the party again. The dead silence fell upon the room the moment he stepped in.

Image of Loki's tricks ruined the feast
Calm down, God Thor. I’m not messing around. I promise

As Odin told the whole party didn’t welcome Odin, Loki reminded the Viking Supreme God of their vow: to drink if only both were offered.

Then came the horn full of ale for Loki. Right after that Loki started his flying – the Norse tradition of exchanging insults. Nobody in the hall could escape his insults. He blurted all of his insults and also ended his final days in Asgard.

Loki’s Tricks To Mess With Mjolnir Hammer

In the previous part, we have learnt that Mjolnir Hammer was gifted to Thor by Loki. But prior to this event, Loki once messed with the Mjolnir Hammer.

When in Svartalfheim, Loki asked the dwarves to created many treasures. This was no difficult task because Loki got talents in persuading other people. When Loki got the hair for Sif Thor’s wife, he still stayed in Svartalfheim and nobody knew what he was up to. Then Loki teased the dwarves brothers Brokkr and Sindri for not being able to create anything precious. Loki bet his head for this which made the brothers started their work to prove Loki wrong.

Image of Thor Loki's tricks
Thor and Mjolnir hammer

There they went. They produced two treasures: the Gullinbursti boar which later belonged to Freyr and the Draupnir Ring to Odin. The final was obviously the Mjolnir Hammer. But when the brothers were busy creating the Mjolnir hammer, Loki shapeshifted into a fly. He flew around the forge and stung the brothers. Loki’s tricks made them unable to fashion the hammer perfectly resulting it in the short handle of Mjolnir. Also, being short handle was the only shortcoming of Mjolnir hammer.

Of course, Brokkr and Sindri won the bet with Loki. But Loki never lost his head. He just got his lips sewn.

Death of Baldur

The Death of Baldur was the final straw that made Gods severely punished Loki for Loki’s tricks. The tragic began when Loki knew that Baldur Odin’s son could only be harmed by the mistletoe. He set out to find a mistletoe and turned it into the arrow. While everyone was mercifully throwing things at Baldur only to see their beloved god intact, Loki sneaked into the crowd.

But Loki didn’t do it by himself. Rather, he handled the arrow to Hodr the blind god also known as the twin brother of Baldur. Then that day finally came when Hodr under the instruction of Loki threw the mistletoe arrow toward Baldur. Baldur fell dead on the spot and this not only upset Gods but waged their wrath. Loki and Hodr got the punishment for what they had done. (See mor: Loki’s biggest trick)

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