5 Times Loki’s Tricks Were Annoying to Gods (Part 1)

With the successful modern adaptation of Norse mythology into movies, the name of Loki has gained so much popularity and favor. In modern blockbusters, Loki was the brother of Thor and he also caused many troubles in the movies. The same things happened in Norse mythology. Loki’s tricks were somehow entertaining but if we were in Gods’ shoes, we would find it quite annoying.

Loki Cut Sif’s Hair

One day, when Loki found himself in the today-i-dont-feel-like-doing-anything mood, he set out to find something adventurous to challenge himself. To a giant like Loki, who else would be more challenging than Thor? Then Loki sneaked into the room of Sif, Thor’s wife. Goddess Sif was  famous for her beautiful golden hair. But Loki seemed to cut off Sif’s hair without a hesitation.

Image of Loki cutting Sif's hair Loki's tricks
Loki shears the Lady Sif’s Hair in the Garden by *Alexiel-VIII on deviantART

As Thor found out this intolerable troll, he didn’t waste a second but found Loki on the spot. Because whenever things came wrong, people would think it might be Loki’s fault. It did save a lot of time. Thor with the strength of a mixed god threatened to smash Loki’s skull. A little reminder: Thor hadn’t had Mjolnir hammer at that time. Loki then escaped his death thanks to his fast talking. He managed to persuade Thor to give him an opportunity to compensate for his troll. 

Loki finally traveled to Svartalfheim land of the dwarves to ask for treasures. He came back with a brand new hair for Sif, the Mjolnir hammer for Thor, and other treasures for other Gods.

The Kidnap of Idun

Idun was the goddess guarding the fruit of youth in Asgard. All gods up in Asgard, if wanting to preserve their beauty and immortality, must eat that fruit. But there was the time of the kidnap of Idun, leaving Norse gods’ beauty with the destruction of time.

The story started when Loki agreed to bring Idun to the giant Thjazi. Loki must be insane to make such a big deal with the giant, don’t you think? In fact, Loki was insane through the whole myth. His actions were unpredictable. But in this case, that big deal was the only way Loki could come up with to protect his life.

Image of Kidnap of Idun
Loki, Thor, and Odin prior to kidnap of Idun

One day, Loki, Thor, and Odin couldn’t cook the bull to eat. No matter how hard they tried to cook the meat, it remained raw. An eagle suddenly appeared and asked to help them as long as they shared a part of the eagle. When the meat was finally cook, the eagle took the whole part which ignited gods’ wrath. Loki tried to beat the eagle only to get caught by the claws and lifted up in the sky. At this point, Loki begged the eagle to release and make a deal.

Image of Idunn Loki's tricks
Idun the guardian of the youth fruits

Coming back to Asgard, he found Idun. He said he had seen the fruit similar to Idun’s fruit in Midgard and he was willing to take Idun there. There Idun was kidnapped and brought to the land of the giant.

Gods found out this terrible trick by Loki. They decided to condemn Loki unless he could retrieve Idun back. And with the wits and the experience of solving the trouble he caused, Loki finally brought back Idun the Guardian of the youth fruits.

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