Three Times Loki Helped Norse Gods

By far Loki has become one of the most famous figures coming from Norse mythology. His fame in the modern time completely outshadows Odin’s and sometimes rival that of Thor. The more they care about Loki, the more people turn back and read the original Norse Loki. Although Loki was the main culprit of Odin’s son’s death and especially Ragnarok, there were times that he helped Norse gods. Here are three times that Loki helped Norse gods in mythology.

Competition in Utgard-Loki

There was a time that Loki teamed up with Thor and some servants to travel to Utgard-Loki. This land was the territory of the giant. The scholars believed that this land had nothing to do with Loki even if their names consisted of “Loki”.

When the team of the gods reached the land of the giant, the hosts did not really welcome the gods. They laughed at the gods for their being small in size and being vulnerable to any competitions. This really insulted Thor, son of Odin. And there came some contests among the gods and the giant.

Luckily, this time, Loki helped Thor to compete with a giant named Logi. And this time, Loki played no tricks on his mates but completing the game in a fair way. Although he lost the game to Logi, he did not come up with any tricks to belittle the gods like the way he usually did.

Loki helped Norse gods to finish his eating competition without causing any embarrassment to the gods.

Gifts for the gods

One morning, Thor woke up to hear the cry of his bride – Sif the beautiful goddess with the golden hair. The reason why his beauty cried was because someone cut off her hair. Without a second of thought, Thor knew it clearly that it was Loki that cut off the silky hair of his bride. He came to capture Loki grabbing him by the neck and asking for the compensation.

Loki who had sneaked into the room of Sif this morning was scared by the terror of Thor. He promised to come to Svartalfheim to ask the dwarves to create the most beautiful hair for Sif.

Off he went to the land of the dwarves – the most powerful and talented craftsmen in the cosmos. And it seemed like wherever Loki went, he would insult someone and cause some trouble. Maybe he would not live without running around and throwing difficulties to other people.

But Loki’s tricks finally gave him some more treasure other than just the golden hair for Sif. Among the treasure that he brought to Asgard included Mjolnir Thor’s hammer, Gungnir Odin’s spear, Draupnir Odin’s ring, Gullinbursti Freyr’s golden boar, etc.

Loki and the dwarves in Norse mythology
Loki helped the gods to have some of their lifetime treasure

This time, Loki helped Norse gods to have the most powerful weapons that even survive the test of time and become wellknown in the modern time.

Sleipnir for Odin

There was also one more time that Loki gave Odin a gift. But this time, he gave Odin his own son – Sleipnir the horse.

On one occasion, Loki mothered an extraordinary horse – Sleipnir. Legend had it that Loki was the mother who gave birth to Sleipnir the dark-haired horse who could outrun any horse in the cosmos.

With this, Loki gave Odin his favorite steed. Because later on, Sleipnir was the only steed that Odin rode on to travel along the nine worlds. In the final battle of Ragnarok, Sleipnir carried Odin to meet Fenrir the sworn enemy. When the master fell in the last battle, the horse no longer stood on his legs.

An archeological stone depicting Odin on his eight-legged horse - Sleipnir
An archeological stone depicting Odin on his eight-legged horse – Sleipnir

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