About Me

Jeff Waters
Vice President of Sales
Modelon Inc

skype: kbjeff


You can usually find me at an airport or spending time with my wife and 3 kids at home in Rhode Island. I’m a member of the Modelon team. Modelon is the leading authority on Modelica based Systems Simulation. We provide authoring tools and pre-configured libraries to simulate any complex electro-mechanical or thermal system. The idea is to push CAE simulation as far upfront as possible in your process, while also providing 1D systems capabilities out through your verification and production stages.

This blog contains my professional thoughts as a veteran of the CAE industry. The opinions expressed here are my own, however, and should not be attributed to Modelon.

Prior to joining Modelon, I was working on a business plan to bring systems simulation to the cloud with a Silicon Valley startup, CyDesign Labs.

Prior to joining CyDesign, I was helping one of the 10 original software companies, MSC Software, to prepare for an exciting charge into its next 50 years of existence.

Prior to joining MSC, I helped grow market awareness of 3D Direct Modeling with SpaceClaim. Such history-free design tools help bridge the often-painful gap between CAE tools and traditional, history-based CAD tools. Therefore, you’ll see more of a focus on optimizing the geometry step of the CAE process in my 2008-2010 era posts.

Prior to joining SpaceClaim in late 2008, I spent 9 years defining the “upfront” CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) category with Blue Ridge Numerics and its groundbreaking CFdesign simulation tool. So, most of my 2007-2008 era posts deal more with the best ways to implement upfront CAE with multi-tasking, non-specialist, “Joe Sixpack” engineers.

Currently, I’m particularly interested in helping companies to inject 1D simulation during the concept phase… before CAD models even exist.

I also occasionally write about other topics that interest me; including personal productivity, innovation, technology, and travel.

I welcome your questions, comments, and ideas anytime. Please email, call, or post a comment to any of my articles for an open discussion.