Inside A Viking House: How the Vikings Lived?

Maybe we have had enough with the mythological stories and heroic legends. Ship excavation is not a heated debate at the moment as well. So this blog post is all about the historical Viking house. How the Vikings lived in their days and this is inside a Viking house.

Commonly, the Vikings would live inside a Viking longhouse. It was a type of longhouse as its name indicated. Maybe this type of house came from the Viking ship’s design. Because the Vikings respected and loved their ship a lot. It is a kind of single-room house for this type of house would require less effort, time, and labor. Some sources mentioned that the Vikings burned down their house when the owner of the house passed away.

Many generations would live inside the longhouse. At the back of the house lived the cattle of the family and sometimes, the slaves would live there too.

When we walk into a Viking longhouse, we can immediately see the kitchen right in the middle of the living room. Maybe back then the Vikings had no concept about room. They just felt that in the middle of the house must stand something that could keep the house warm when the harsh winter came. And it became a style for many Viking longhouses.

Many sites with the connection with Vikings still show the signs of abolished longhouse. Below are some photos inside a Viking house.

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