Freya Viking Goddess of War

Freya (“Lady”) was a Norse goddess from the Vanir god tribe. At the beginning, Freya lived in Vanaheim the land of Vanir gods. Later, she came and lived in Asgard the land of Aesir god tribe with her father and brother. Freya had a twin brother who was Freyr god of sunshine and summer. Her father was Njord the seafaring god who ruled over Vanaheim. We might recognize this Freya Viking Goddess of War when we catch sight of a beautiful lady riding a chariot pulled by two cats.

Image of Viking Goddess of War Freya
Freya and her cat-drawn chariot

Power of Freya Viking Goddess of War

Freya was the goddess of love, beauty, fertility, and precious material possessions. She was so beautiful that she won nearly any heart of the creature in the cosmos. But the only husband of Freya suddenly disappeared leaving Freya heartbroken. Freya then traveled the Nine Worlds trying in vein to look for her husband. This point reasoned why Freya was the goddess of love. Heartbroken, Freya cried her eyes out and her tears became the finest stones in the cosmos to make jewelry.

Image of Freya tear becoming precious stones
Freya’s tears became precious stones

Freya was the Viking goddess of War while the title “god of war” belonged to Odin. Freya presided over the field of Folkvang which the Vikings considered to be one of their desired afterlife. Freya and Odin shared their fallen battle warriors: half to Vahalla of Odin, the rest to Folkvang. These fallen warriors were believed to join Ragnarok supporting the Norse gods.

Freya the Seer

What made the Vanir different from the Aesir was their practice of seidr. Well, seidr was the ancient Norse magic of knowing the course of fate and somehow altering it. And Freya as a Vanir goddess was the völva who practiced seidr. In Viking times, there was volva traveling around the town performing their seidr to get commissioned. By “selling” their power of seidr, they would get accommodation, food, or any kind of compensation.

Image of Viking Goddess of War
Viking Goddess of War Freya

One famous occasion of spreading seidr of Freya was when she traveled to Asgard. And of course, the Aesir gods didn’t realize that wanderer was Freya. In the beginning, the magical seidr impressed the Aesir gods. They asked more of that magical power. But quickly they realized that the power of this wanderer made them reveal their anti-traditional traits: selfishness, disloyalty, and greed. All the accusations pointed to the mysterious wanderer who was presumably to separate the Aesir. The Aesir assembled and decided to burn the wanderer. But three times they attempted to murder her with fire, she always resurrected in tact. Because of this, hatred flared up within the two god tribes which finally resulted in the Viking God War.