The Creation of Humanity in Norse mythology

Every mythology has its own way to explain how everything in the world comes into being. Although its is just a part of a mythology, studying how the humanity came into the Earth in Norse mythology is exciting. Below is the story of the creation of humanity in Norse mythology.

Image of Norse mythology creation of humanity
Ask and Embla within the symbol of Yggdrasil Tree of Life

Legend had it that, God Odin and his brothers (Vili and Ve) created the world with the body of the deceased giant Ymir. After creating the world, they felt it still lacked something that could breathed a new life into it. But they hadn’t thought up anything.

The brothers were walking along the coast of the new world, they found two trunks drifting into the coast, lying on the beach. The gods then came up with to create the humans with the trunks. They fashioned the trunks alike to the gods’ appearance. But the new creations were still lifeless. So the gods ventured some of their time giving the powerless beings with something they lacked to make them the real humans. Odin breathed a new life into the pair (two trunks) and his brothers gave them the ability to speak, hear, and see. They gave the humanity the complexion, the thought, and mental power. They gave them clothes and called them Embla the woman and Ask the man. Ask and Embla later lived in Midgard the cradle of the humanity. They later became the father and mother of the human races in Midgard.

Image of Ask and Embla
Ask and Embla through a modern depiction

The name of Ask comes from the word “Askr” which means “Ash tree”. This presents the fact that gods created them with tree trunks. “Embla” means “Elm”, “Vines”, and “Water Pot”. That is the creation of humanity in Norse mythology.

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