Basic Guide to Thor Odinson God of Thunder

The 21st century has witnessed the fame of Thor climax thanks to the success on the silver screen and books featuring Thor as the main character. But the modern version of Thor is not his original version. Compared with the Norse version, Thor in modern time experiences many changes. This blog of basic guide to Thor is not a comparison between the original and the current version of Thor. A Basic Guide to Thor Odinson simply sums up Thor’s life in Norse mythology in the briefest and the most concise way.


Everyone has a history and so does Thor. Here is the family background in basic guide to Thor.

In Norse mythology, Thor was the son of Odin the Allfather who was the famous supreme god in Asgard. But being the son of Odin did not mean Thor was the prince of Asgard. The only prince of Asgard was Baldur, half-brother of Thor. Thor was the son of Odin and Jord the giantess of earth. Because of the mixed blood running in the veins, Thor was among the most famous gods in Norse mythology just like his father.

Thor also had a family for himself. His beloved wife was Sif whose long blonde hair was the most beautiful in Asgard.

Qualities of Thor


Thor was brave, obviously. He was the most easily recognized god of war in Norse mythology. He feared nothing on the battlefield. All of the giants in Norse world respected and feared Thor.

Thor was always ready for pain and hardship as long as those things were trying to harm his beloved ones.


Thor was among the strongest gods in Norse mythology. The title of “strongest” belonged to Magni a son of Thor. But Thor was pretty strong, both physically and mentally. Norse mythology once told a story of Thor competing in the land of the giants. Although he could lift the cat in the contest up a little bit, everyone in the room was scared of Thor. Because that cat was actually Jormungand the serpent who was giant enough to encircle Midgard.


Another quality of Thor was his generosity. Many might question why Thor is related to generosity. Actually, Thor gave blessings and protection for those who believed in him. Along with his beloved ones and relatives, Thor also protected humanity and gave hem blessings.

Symbols of Thor


Thor's Mjolnir hammer
Hardly did Thor ever go out without bringing his Mjolnir Hammer. It was made by the most talented craftsmen in the cosmos, the dwarves. The Mjolnir hammer never missed a target. This made Mjolnir hammer become one of the most powerful Norse weapons. It presented the witness of Thor and his might.


Thor was riding on his chariot pulled by his pair of goats in Norse mythology.
Thor was riding on his chariot pulled by his pair of goats. Because in the Norse belief, goat was among the tamed animals living with humanity and offering food, milk, fur, etc. Accordingly, goat was the animal symbol of generosity, friendliness, and fertility, all of which were related to Thor.

Lightning and Thunder

Basic Guide to Thor god of thunder and storm in Norse mythology.
The last symbol of Thor can be the lightning and thunder. For those who believe in Thor, everytime there is either lightning or thunder in the sky, Thor is riding on his chariot through the sky which creates the sound of thunder. And the Mjolnir hammer in his hand will create the lightning that could strike the giant to death.


Thor was among the gods who didn’t make it through Ragnarok. Along with the army of gods, Thor joined the final battle of Ragnarok.

With Odin, Thor also prepared the day of Ragnarok to come. The Aesir seemed to hold up their weapons easily and fight the enemies with everything they had in their hands.

In Ragnarok, Thor met his sworn enemy – Jormungandr the Serpent. Jormungand was the son of Loki and he was cast into the ocean by Odin to make sure that he could not join Ragnarok. But that day finally came when Jormungandr lifted himself from the ocean and poisoned the sky.

In the plain of Vigrid, Thor met Jormungand and fought their battle. Thor eventually managed to slay the serpent. However, as he walked nine steps away from the serpent corpse, he fell dead because of the snake poison.

After all, Thor could not escape his destiny. But he also lived a life that everyone would remember his name in a positive way.

Achievements and Titles

  • Slayer of Jormungandr the Midgard Serpent
  • Creator of Thunder and Storm
  • Defender of the Aesir and humanity
  • The almost bride of Thrym the giant of frost

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