Basic Guide to Norse Weapons

Weapons in Norse mythology varied a lot, ranging from a powerful hammer to a small antler. But all of the weapons in Norse mythology were meaningful. They carried within a story of their owner. In this basic guide to Norse weapons, we are to discover some brief and quick details about them.

Mjolnir Hammer

By far, the most famous weapon in Norse mythology was Mjolnir hammer. Due to the success of some blockbusters in modern times, the name of Mjolnir and Thor go viral. Accordingly, there is no need to introduce about the power of Mjolnir hammer. But i think not many people know the origin of Mjolnir.

Thor was even more powerful with the Mjolnir hammer. Guide to Norse weapons.
Thor was even more powerful with the Mjolnir hammer. Guide to Norse weapons.

The story went back to a day when Loki sneaked into Sif’s room and cut off her beautiful long hair. Being the future husband of Sif, Thor was so much in anger that he threated to kill Loki if he did not compensate for his silly jokes. Scared off by Thor, Loki started his journey off to Svartalfheim the land of the dwarves to ask these most talented craftsmen to create something for the gods. And from this journey, Loki brought to Asgard many gifts including the Mjolnir hammer.

And that’s when Thor befriended Mjolnir and later, hardly did Thor go out without the Mjolnir hammer.

Gungnir Spear

Gungnir spear was the weapon of Odin the Allfather the ruler of Asgard. It was during the occasion when Loki brought Mjolnir to Thor, Loki brought Gungnir to Odin. Although Gungnir spear was not as famous as the Mjolnir hammer, many people respected and viewed Gungnir as something holy in Norse mythology.

In one occasion, Odin was in pursuit of rune reading skills. Someone told the Asgard ruler that when he made a sacrifice, he could read the runes. He did make a sacrifice. Odin hung himself on the Yggdrasil with the Gungnir stabbed in his chest. Nine days without food and drink. Odin refused anyone’s help. After nine days of sacrifice, Odin gained the ability to read runes.

Odin the Allfather in Norse mythology
Odin the Allfather in Norse mythology

Freyr’s Sword

By far, no one knows the name of Freyr’s sword. But the story about this sword has become a legend. Freyr was the god of sunshine and fertility from Vanaheim. He was the son of Njord the god of ocean and also the twin brother of Freya goddess of war who shared brave warriors with Odin in Valhalla.

In Norse mythology, Freyr had a sword but he was got even more fame after giving up this sword to win the heart of a giantess. On one day, he sat on the throne of Odin and looked down to the world below. He immediately fell for the beautiful Gerd in Jotunheim (the land of the giants). But Gerd never showed any hint for Freyr which really broke the heart of this god.

Freyr had a smart servant who claimed he could persuade Gerd to marry Freyr. In return, Freyr had to give up his sword. Everything did go as the way the servant wanted and Freyr had to give the servant his sword. But Gerd was finally home. Love between Gerd and Freyr became the powerful symbol where love could transcend faith and race. (Read more here)

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