Basic Guide to Frigg Asgard Queen in Norse Myth

Although Odin had many women and many sons with other women, the only queen of Asgard is Frigg. So here is a basic guide to Frigg the Asgard Queen in Norse mythology. I cannot mention all details of Frigg in one single blog. If we miss out on any piece of information, feel free to leave in the comment below.


Not many were mentioned about Frigg’s parents. Sources described Frigg as a beautiful woman who could see things that other people couldn’t. She was a seeress.

Frigg was the official wife of Odin. She was the only one who was recognized as the chief goddess in Asgard. Frigg was a seeress who could see the future and she was the one who wove the clouds in the sky. In Norse mythology, Frigg was the only one Odin allowed to sit on the High Throne of Odin up in Asgard. Frigg mothered Baldur the Shining God and Hodr the blind god who was tricked to kill Baldur in the Death of Baldur.

Frigg Queen of Asgard was among wives of Odin
Basic Guide to Frigg the Only Queen of Asgard

The Death of Baldur

Frigg had a bad dream of her son’s death. This dealt a blow to her because what she commonly saw would happen in the future. Baldur her beloved son also had the same dream. In his dream, he saw his death and it became the first sign of Ragnarok.

When Odin knew that Baldur and his wife dreamt about Baldur’s death, he set out to travel to the Underworld to ask about what he had been worried about. There he disguised as an old man and entered the hall. The first thing that Odin came across was a luxurious feast which seemed like it was going to celebrate something special.

He woke up the seeress and asked her what the fest was for. The seeress without a doubt of the man asking answered that they were about to welcome Baldur to the Underworld. She vividly told Odin how Baldur met his death with an arrow.

The only one that always held on to even the slightest hope was the mother. And Frigg set out to travel around Nine Worlds to save her son. She went to every corner and asked every creature to promise that they would never harm Baldur. Because everyone loved Baldur, they promised to do so immediately. The only problem was that Frigg forgot the small mistletoe. And unfortunately, the mischievous villain of Norse mythology learned of this secret.

Frigg the seeress in Norse mythology
Frigg had the same dream with Baldur the Shining God

And Baldur had to go. Frigg must have been the one that experienced the most painful agony ever.

But the prophecy also mentioned that Baldur would finally come back to life after Ragnarok. However, whether Frigg survived the final combat of Ragnarok remains a mystery for us.

Honors and Achievements

  • Seeress
  • Goddess of love, mother, family
  • Queen of Asgard

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