Basic Guide to Freyr God of Fertility in Norse Mythology

Previous blog post has focused on Freya the twin sister of Freyr. This week piece of article will focus on Freyr God of fertility and summer in Norse mythology. Here is a basic guide to Freyr God of Ferility.


The most famous Vanir gods included Njord the seafaring god, Freya the goddess of love and beauty, Freyr the god of sunshine and summer. Freya and Freyr were the twin and they were the children of Njord. But three of them came to live in Asgard the stronghold of the Aesir after the peace treaty between two god tribes were concluded.

Freyr was tall and handsome just like many other Norse gods. He was powerful and kind to his people. He was the ruler of Alfheim the land for the elves in Norse mythology.

Freyr God of Fertility
God of Fertility on his Golden Boar

Freyr was famous for the tale of giving up his sword to win the heart of his wife. In order to marry his lover, Freyr exchanged his sword to his servant who agreed to help him propose. Though he managed to propose his wife, he lost his magical sword. In Ragnarok, the weapon he used was the an antler (deer’s horn).

Love with a Giantess

Mythology had it that Freyr once fell for a giantess. On the day that Odin was absent, Freyr sat on the High Throne of Odin and unintentionally saw a beautiful giantess in the Jotunheim land of the giant. From that moment on, Freyr became lovesick.

Her name was Gerd and she was among the coldest giantess ever in the Nine Worlds. She would accept no one to her heart until she met The One.

Knowing that Freyr was lovesick, one of his servant, Skirnir offered to go to Jotunheim to ask Gerd on behalf of God Freyr. In return, Freyr would have to grant Skirnir his powerful sword and horse if he won. We don’t really know how the story went but Skirnir managed to get his master a wife and he also won the sword.

Basic Guide to Freyr god of fertility in norse mythology
Love-sick Freyr. Basic guide to Freyr

Because of the loss of the sword, Freyr fell in his last battle in Ragnarok. But Freyr never regretted exchanging the sword for his beloved wife. He stepped over the social prejudice and the tribal rules about marriage to get what he really wanted in life.

The love story of Freyr and Gerd became famous in the Viking Age. It was so beautiful that the Vikings coined the amulet of a couple holding each other and used the amulet in every wedding presenting the marriage vows.

Honors and Achievements

  • God of summer and fertility
  • Gerd lover

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