Basic Guide to Freya Goddess of Love in Norse Mythology

Freya was one of the most powerful goddesses in Norse mythology. Here is a quick and basic guide to Freya goddess of Love, Sex, and Magic in Norse mythology. I cannot mention all the details of Freya in one single blog. If we miss out on any piece of information, feel free to leave in the comment below.


Freya came from the Vanir god tribe. She was the daughter of Njord god of the sea. Njord was the king of Vanaheim – another stronghold for the gods in Norse mythology. This made Freya become the princess of Vanaheim. She had a twin brother whose name was Freyr. He was the god of fertility and summer.

She was very beautiful. Simply speaking, no word could describe how beautiful she was. Just beyond the imaginable beauty.

Freya was the goddess of love. But unlike the family love that Frigg embodied, Freya’s love was something secret and unofficial. This becomes one of the reasons for the controversies around Freya.

Image of Norse seers Basic guide to Freya
Freya was a powerful seeress in Norse mythology. Freya once cried for the sudden disappearance of her husband. Her tears became the most beautiful stones in the cosmos.

Freya and God War

Yes, Freya was the reason leading to the clash of gods in Norse mythology.

Freya as a seeress took up the life of a traveler. She wandered all around the corner to spread her power. This quickly came to Asgard and the Aesir gods asked her to come. Of course, Freya was in disguise not revealing her true beauty.

Image of Viking Goddess of War
Viking Goddess of War Freya – Basic Guide to Freya

At first, Aesir gods liked Freya for her sayings. But gradually, all of the shortcomings of the gods came out. They blamed Freya for all of this. They demanded Freya to take all of the responsibility. And finally, they decided to burn Freya.

But as the daughter of Njord, Freya survived. She walked out of the flames intact. Nothing could harm her. This astonished the gods and they had to let her go.

But this quickly came to the ears of Njord who later declared war on Aesir gods. They fought for a long period of time. When they all felt tired, a peace treaty was drawn out. And Freya, Freyr, and Njord came to live in Asgard to seal the truce.

Honors and Achievements

  • Goddess of Love and Sex
  • Wanderer

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