Basic Guide to Baldur the Asgard Prince in Norse Mythology

The upcoming big figure in Norse mythology that we are about to discover is Baldur the only Prince in Asgard stronghold of Norse gods. This basic guide to Baldur the Prince will help you to have clear and organized information about this god.

Background – Basic Guide to Baldur

If we count the order of gods’ generation in Norse mythology, Baldur would be the third generation in Norse cosmos. Baldur was the son of Frigg and Odin – the queen and the king of Asgard. This made Baldur become the only heir to Odin’s throne once Odin got his eternal rest.

Some sources mentioned Baldur to have another brother whose name was Hodr. This brother of Baldur was blind and he was associated with the death of Baldur later. Yet, mysteries still linger because we are sure whether Hodr was truly a brother of Baldur.

Baldur had a wife, Nanna and they had Foresti as their only child.

In Norse cosmos, Baldur was famous for being a gentle and fair-speaking god. Baldur was also a handsome god. His appearance was so excellent that even the most beautiful things in the cosmos had to bow before him.

Guide to Baldur the Shining God
Guide to Baldur the Shining God

Many modern scholars define Baldur’s name as “bold”. Yet, this definition was debunked for hardly could we find any boldness in the character that Baldur displayed.

Baldur’s Death

The most unwanted thing in Norse mythology must be the death of Baldur. Because in the prophecy of Norse cosmos, Baldur’s death was the first sign of Ragnarok. And obviously, no one in Norse cosmos ever wanted Ragnarok to happen. Everyone in cosmos wanted to prevent that day.

Frigg the mother of Baldur was also a seeress who could see things that others couldn’t. She had a dream of her son’s death. And Baldur saw the same thing in his dream.

Everyone panicked and Odin and Frigg were the ones who bore the most pain.

Then Frigg decided that she would do something to save her baby. She wandered around the Nine Worlds to ask people in the cosmos not to hurt Baldur. But she forgot to ask one small entity – the mistletoe.

Back to Asgard, everyone was happy and wanted to celebrate that Baldur would live and Ragnarok would never come. They started the celebration by throwing things at Baldur only to see them bounce off. Only Loki knew the secret that Frigg forgot mistletoe. He immediately made an arrow out of the mistletoe.

Then he gave it to Hodr the blind god and guided him to throw the arrow at the chest of Baldur. Woosh! Baldur fell dead immediately while everyone did not understand what had happened. Their beloved god had fallen. And they started screaming and running away.

The funeral of Baldur was carried out a few days later. His body was put on a pyre ship and Odin set it only fire sending his only son to Hel. Nanna the Wife of Baldur was so much in pain that her heart broke when seeing Baldur. She followed him to Hel.

The funeral of Baldur
The funeral of Baldur

But maybe it was the plan of the Norns.

Baldur had to die only to survive Ragnarok. After the Doomsday of Gods, everything was reborn again. Baldur came from Hel and became one of few Ragnarok survivors. Along with his brothers, Baldur became the new generation of the cosmos where the stories of Odin, Thor, Loki, etc. were just stories.

Honors and Achievements

  • Survivor of Ragnarok
  • God of Shine and Beauty
  • God of Defense

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