Asgard Wall – How Loki Mothered A Horse

Asgard was the homeland of the Aesir god tribe in Norse mythology. Surrounding the land of Asgard was a protective wall that the evil forces didn’t stand a chance of surpassing. But the Asgard wall didn’t exist there right from the beginning. This blog post will tell how the wall was constructed and the price some figures must pay at the cost of the wall.

Asgard Wall and the Cost of it

One day, a mysterious figure came to the gate of Asgard and asked to build the wall to protect Asgard. The builder who was actually a giant promised to finish the task within three seasons and the gods would have to pay him Freya as his bride, the Sun, and the Moon. The reward seemed a little bit incredible.

Then gods assembled together to give out their final decision. Freya the goddess of war and beauty didn’t agree to be the reward for the builder. But Loki proposed his idea which was to demand the giant to build the wall within a single winter without any help but his horse and he would get what he wanted. The gods finally picked the idea of Loki for they thought the giant couldn’t finish within a single season. Also, they didn’t want to lose Freya, the Sun, and the Moon to the hand of the outsider.

The giant couldn’t stop the horse from running away to the mare

They let the builder build the Asgard wall. The building speed of the giant astonished the gods. The horse of the giant turned out to be a master of building something. In fact, the horse did twice as much as the giant did. Quickly came the end of the season and the giants nearly completely the Wall.

Image of Asgard Wall

As gods realized that they were to lose Freya, the sun, and the moon to the hands of the giant, they seized Loki and threatened to punish him for the bad idea. Loki with his fast talk promised to solve the problem to satisfy that gods. Then off he went to see the giant builders.

The night before the day to complete everything, Loki shapeshifting himself into a mare or a female horse. The giant and his horse were working then the horse came to see the mare. Then the stallion quickly followed the mare into the jungle, the pair chased after together for many days. The giant came back but couldn’t finish the world. Finally the giant received for what he had done to the Asgard, a fatal blow from the MjolnirĀ  hammer of Thor.

Loki and the horse after days in the jungle. Loki turned out to be pregnant a child. Then Loki mothered a new child and that child now become Sleipnir, who later became Odin’s horse and also Odin’s steed.

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