Aggersborg: Viking Largest Fort Built by Harald Bluetooth

One cool fact in the Viking Age was that they didn’t build the majestic stone castles that we often catch sight on the media. Rather, they built their ring-shaped forts that could locate many long houses inside. By far, the archaeologists have found eight Viking forts (remains only). According to them, nearly all of these forts were constructed under the reign of Viking Danish King Harald Bluetooth. The largest among them was the Aggersborg, Viking largest fort, which dated back to 980AD.

The Viking fort is the trelleborg. Every trelleborg was circular and it became a “big house” for the Viking tribe.

Viking largest trelleborg Aggersborg from above

The largest Viking fort in Denmark

The Aggersborg is the largest Viking fort in Denmark and among the largest archaeological site in Denmark as well. It is in Aggersund a small Danish town. The Aggersborg appeared in a circular rampart and a ditch surrounded the site. There, wo long roads criss-crosssed inside the trelleborg and divided it into four parts.

This trelleborg had the inner diameter of 240 meters. The inhabitants of the fort once dug the ditch about 8 meters way from the rampart. The ditch was about 1.3 meters in depth. As the archaeologists examined the site, they found out that the Viking used soil and turf to build their fort. The protective wall around the fort could have reached up to 4 meters in height.

This fort could host up to 5,000 men and about 48 long houses. It meant each quadrant of the site could hold up to 12 long houses. Unfortunately, no remains of these Viking long houses existed.

Historians believed that the Vikings used the fort within a short period of time, among 5 – 20 years. It must have been the starting point for many Viking expeditions to England and other Scandinavian regions.

In 1086, the fort was burnt and until 1411, it was completely destroyed.

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