Aesir Viking Gods

There were two main god tribes in Norse mythology: the Aesir and the Vanir. Actually, the main focus of Norse myth was on the Aesir Viking gods. The Vanir might have played a kind of supportive roles.

Aesir (ICE-eye) referred to many gods who generally lived in Asgard the land of gods. Many accounts point out that the word Áss is for one god, Ásynja for one goddess, and Ásynjur for many goddesses. But Aesir is the most common word that people use to mention the main god tribe in Asgard.

Image of Aesir Viking Gods

Nobody knows exactly how many Aesir Viking gods were in the list. But we can mention some big figures in Norse pantheon. Those were Odin the Allfather, Frigg goddess of marriage and motherhood, Thor God of Thunder, Baldur God of Light, Tyr God of Justice, Heimdall the Guardsman, Idunn, and Bragi. Loki, who was the most mischievous trickster in Norse myth, dwelled in Asgard, too. However, the background of Loki raised a big question as to whether Loki, who was the product of a giant couple, was a real Aesir god? Many claimed Loki came from Jotunheim the land of the giant. He used his fast talk persuading the Aesir to let him stay in Asgard.

The Aesir was believed to have to power that held the world together. The first reason was that Odin the chief god of the Aesir fashioned the world with the body of Ymir the first primaeval giant (See The Creation of Norse World). They possessed many wonderful magical weapons that served to help them fight in battles. The glory of the Aesir perished and many Aesir gods fell in battle when Ragnarok the Cosmos Destruction took place.