8 Weird Stories from Norse mythology (Part 1 of 2)

Norse mythology isn’t as bright as it might have been like in many blockbusters in this day and age. The depiction of gods in Norse mythology sometimes depict the shortcoming of the gods for no one is perfect. Gods in Norse mythology are very likely to mess up everything. Embrace yourself for this blog post is to give you first 4 Weird Stories from Norse mythology.

Loki mothered an eight-legged horse

In the story of Asgard Wall, Loki disguised himself into a mare also the female horse. Soon before that, he cam up with an idea of distracting the giant from building the Asgard wall.

Because the gods had promised him to gave him Freya as his bride, and the Sun and the Moon. As the deadline was approaching and task was to finish right after the winter season, Loki had to find some ways to prevent the giant from finishing his task. Because Loki proposed the idea, Loki was the one to solve the trouble from it. He shapeshifted into a mare and lured the stallion of the giant builder with him. And as Loki guessed, the male horse followed Loki into the jungle, leaving his master with incomplete task.

After chasing and mating, Loki came back being pregnant. Because he took the form of a female horse that night so surely he became the mother. And Loki gave birth to the little horse whose name was Sleipnir. The horse Sleipnir later became the horse of Odin.

Clouds looked like the brains because it came from the brain of the giant

Right in the the beginning of the myth, Odin and his brothers (Vili and Ve) fashioned the world with the body of the deceased giant.

After the death of the giant, gods used every part of his body to fashion the world. His blood became the ocean, his teeth for the cliffs, his bones for the mountains, his hair for the plants, and his brain for the clouds in the sky. That’s the reason sometimes we notice that the clouds look like the brain. The skull of the giant was sent to make the sky. But the god was afraid that the sky would collapse so they sent 4 dwarves to 4 cardinal directions to hold the sky.

Image of weird stories from Norse mythology where the clouds came from
Ymir was killed by Odin and his brothers who fashioned the world with the body parts of Ymir

According to Norse mythology, therefore, if you look at the clouds on sky, you are looking at the brain of the medieval Norse giant, Ymir.

Look at the cloud, you look at Ymir’s brain

Dwarves killed Kvasir and made Mead of Poetry from Kvasir’s blood

Kvasir was among the creatures whose origin was kind of awkward. The gods from Aesir and Vanir tribes ended their war by coming together and chewing the berries. They spat the liquid of berries into a vessel and the resulting liquid fermented and became Kvasir. Actually, the word “Kvasir” means the fermented berry juice. 

Image of dwarves and Kvasir weird stories from norse mythology
Two dwarves killed Kvasir and told gods that Kvasir died because of his overload of wisdom

That’s not enough. Kvasir was the wisest creature in Norse mythology. He liked to spread his wisdom to other people and he even took up the life of a wanderer to do so. One day, he traveled at the door of the dwarves’ house, he wanted to share his knowledge. But dwarves had heard of his name and wanted to have more. They killed Kvasir and stored his blood inside a vessel from which the dwarves brewed the Mead of Poetry. The Mead possessed an infinite source of knowledge and whoever drank the Mead could inspire and persuade others to do things they wanted. However awesome the Mead was, it came at the expense of the death of the wisest being in the Norse cosmos.

A giantess threatened to destroy Norse Pantheon unless they could make her laugh

A giantess whose name was Skadi threatened to destroy Norse Pantheon. But she had her own reason. She came to Asgard out of the blue demanding revenge for her father who the gods just killed because Skadi’s father kidnapped Idun the Guardian of Youth Fruits. After some time of negotiation, gods finally persuaded Skadi into accepting three reparations from gods. The first was granting her the ability to choose a god to become her husband. The second was putting her father’s eyes into the sky turning them into the stars. The last was making her laugh cheerfully.

Image of Skadi the Norse giantess of ice and skiing
Skadi the giantess came to Asgard and sought revenge for her father whom the gods killed

Loki the Norse trickster proved some help in this case. Because not a god could make Skadi chuckle, not to mention laughing. Loki was the one that came up with a “Norsely hilarious” story and made Skadi chuckle. So the revenge finally fell into oblivion after Skadi’s laughter.

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