Today, MSC Software (my employer) announced a strategic partnership with Next Limit Technologies to unleash XFlow, a state of the art Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) solution.

I have personally been following XFlow for the last year. The tool continues to shock me. Now, I love to babble about CFD (ask my wife) for hours on end… but XFlow will whip any true CFDer into a lather with the implications of its unique approach.

Rest assured, I will be writing a lot more about XFlow here in the future.
(Yep, I’m officially back to blogging.)
Here are some critical XFlow facts:

  • Meshless (what?!?)
  • Particle-based kinetic solver (not your Grandpa’s CFD approach)
  • Advanced modeling and analysis (truly face melting capabilities)
  • Adaptive wake refinement (dunno about you, but I’m a-wake)
  • Near-linear scalability (got multi-core?)

I will have a LOT more to say about XFlow in upcoming posts.
In the meantime, feast on these videos:

PS: Did I mention, NO MESHING!?!

  • Joe Galliera

    Hi Jeff, I’ve been following XFlow for some time now too and I think this is a great partnership for them with MSC.  The technology that the XFlow product brings is truly exciting!  This would definitely get me back to blogging too.

  • Jeff Waters

    Agreed, Joe. Looking forward to a fun ride.
    BTW: I’m working back down in RI now… always open to a lunch when you are near.

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