10 Viking Gods that You Should Know

The system of Norse characters contains so many figures that we often confuse. If you are much into Norse myth, names or origin of each Viking god is not a big deal. But what if you are just a newbie who has just started  researching Norse mythology. Fear not because this blog post will give you a clear explanation of 10 Viking Gods.

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Odin Viking Supreme God

Odin was the Aesir chief god who ruled over the land of Asgard land of Gods. This Viking Supreme God. He was the grandson of the very first god existed in the cosmos. In the Creation of the World, Odin killed Ymir and fashioned the world with Ymir’s body parts.

 Image of Odin the Allfather Viking Supreme God.
The Allfather

Odin was a nonstop seeker for knowledge. He was willing to exchange anything he had just to gain more wisdom. With many wives, Odin had many famous Viking Gods like Thor, Baldur, Heimdall, and Vidar

Thor Viking God of Thunder

Among Norse Pantheon, there was hardly anyone who could rival the physical power of Thor. Truth is, Thor was not the strongest in the Viking Gods. This nickname belonged to Thor’s son Magni.

Image of Thor Viking God of Thunder and Storm
Thor Viking God of Thunder and Storm

The primary weapon of Thor was the Mjolnir Hammer. Thor doubled his strength with iron gloves and a belt of strength. He showed his generosity by giving the human his blessings and power.

Baldur Viking God of Light

Baldur was the son of Odin. People loved him so much because  he was more beautiful than the most beautiful thing in the cosmos. Ever since he had grown up, Bladur had a dream of his death. This worried the Gods for Baldur’s Death is one of the first signs of Ragnarok. Frigg Baldur’s mother tried many ways to save her son from that bitter prophecy but they did turn out to be successful.

Fates finally found Baldur. On one day, Loki instructed the blind god Hodr to throw a mistletoe arrow into Baldur. For mistletoe was the only thing that could harm Baldur. Baldur fell dead on the spot. He spent his time living in Hel land of Death until Ragnarok had finished.

Image of Baldur Death
Baldur Death

Heimdall Asgard Watchsman

Heimdall was also one of Odin’s sons. He had nine mothers who were the Sea Maidens. The Nine Maidens are so beautiful that Odin decided to marry them on the spot. They delivered the baby whose name was Heimdall. Later, Heimdall became the Asgard guardsman. Heimdall’s eyesight was so sharp that he could see anyone going and coming in miles. His hearing was so acute that he could hear grass growing up in the land.

Image of Heimdall Viking Gods

Tyr Viking God of Honor

Tyr was among one of the most ancient Viking gods. The origin of Tyr varied so much that we cannot be sure anything of it. But one thing for sure, Tyr was an Aesir god and he made sacrifice for the good of his clan.

Image of Fenrir and Tyr Viking God of Honor Viking Gods
Tyr and Fenrir

When binding Fenrir the Wolf who waged Ragnarok, Gods failed twice. Until the third attempt, they managed to create a magical chain. However, Fenrir didn’t collaborate with Gods and he demanded a solemn oath: never play a trick on him. An action for this solemn oath was a god putting one hand in his mouth. No one dared to approach Fenrir, let alone putting a hand between his sharp-razor teeth. Tyr volunteered. But gods played a trick on Fenrir, going back on their words. Tyr was so ashamed that he sacrificed his hand to compensate for the deed of breaking oath.

Vidar Viking God of Revenge

Vidar was a son of Odin. He did everything silently compared with other Viking gods. His life surrounded around his garden. He would love to sit in his garden gazing in the trees he planted and just let time go by in silence. Vidar God didn’t appear much along Norse mythology. However, Ragnarok coined Vidar the name “God of Revenge”. Vidar was the slayer of Fenrir the Wolf. He stepped one foot in the mouth of Fenrir and used hands to tear Fenrir’s mouth. This was the revenge because Fenrir killed Odin Viking Supreme God who was also Vidar’s father.

Bragi Viking God of Poem

Bragi was also a Son of Odin and he was the God of Eloquence, Poem, and Singing. In the hall of Valhalla, Bragi sometimes on behalf of Odin playing music to welcome and to entertain fallen brave human warriors. Bragi was the husband of Idunn the guardian of youth apples.

Hodr the Blind God

Another son of Odin. Hodr was the twin brother of Baldur. Hodr was blind. The most famous tale about this blind god was the Death of Baldur. As Baldur wouldn’t be hurt by anything thrown at him, everyone was merriful throwing things into Baldur.

The truth was, Baldur was guided by Loki to throw the things at his brother. The blind god didn’t know the conspiracy. He just wanted to share the joy of others. Unfortunately, tragedy took place at that time. Baldur dead. Everyone mourned. Frigg Baldur’s mother broke down. Both Hodr and Loki couldn’t get rid of what they had caused. Hodr then was killed by a god, sending him to the land of the dead. It was not until post-Ragnarok that Baldur guided Hodr out of Helheim the land of the dead.

Freyr Viking God of Summer

Freyr didn’t belong to the Aesir god tribe. He came from the Vanir tribe. He was the god of summer and sunshine. Njord the chief god of the Vanir tribe fathered Freyr. This Viking god Freyr had a twin sibling Freya Viking Goddess of Beauty and War.

Image of Freyr Viking God Norse God
Vanir God Freyr

Freyr was famous for the tale of giving up his sword to win the heart of his wife. In order to marry his lover, Freyr exchanged his sword to his servant who agreed to help him propose. Though he managed to propose his wife, he lost his magical sword. In Ragnarok, the weapon he used was the an antler (deer’s horn).

Njord Viking God of Seafaring

Among Viking Gods, Njord was not popular. He was the chief god of Vanaheim land of Vanir God Tribe. When the truce between Aesir and Vanir was drawn out, Njord and his childre (Freyr and Freya) came to live in Asgard.

Njord experienced an unsuccessful marriage. He got married to Skadi the giantess of frost and skiing. But the pair couldn’t get on well with each other so they decided to part very soon.

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