My mom and me


Happy birthday, mom. I love you.

Rich Smith on CFD that won’t break the bank


Rich Smith is a CFD expert who left successful careers with Fluent and CD-Adapco to start his own, 1 man CFD company. He shares his path to this lifestyle business delivering value for an under-served audience.

John Buchowski on the Ciespace Cloud CAE Platform


John Buchowski left PTC after 17 years to become VP of Product Management at an engineering startup, Ciespace. Ciespace is trying to shake up the CAE industry with a cloud based simulation platform.

Tony Norton on Topology Optimization for Non-Specialists


Tony Norton, VP of Marketing for SolidThinking, joins the show. We discuss SolidThinking Inspire’s efforts to arm design engineers with FEA-based topology optimization tools.

Engineering is dead and boring


If you can adopt just a taste of this guy’s passion for engineering, you will be happier and make more money. Hooyah, Nicholas Selby, Hooyah!

Monica Schnitger on CAE vendor financials

Monica avatar

Monica Schnitger is uniquely positioned at the intersection of CAE and Financial expertise. In this interview, she offers advice for understanding the financial health of potential CAE vendors.

Wayne McClelland: presentation for engineers


Wayne McClelland spent 25 years in the CAE trenches with SDRC. Along the way, he mastered the art of engineering presentation. Today, he consults with engineering companies to pass along those skills.

Mike Shipulski on TRIZ


Mike Shipulski returns to the show to discuss TRIZ, a Russian methodology for solving problems through semantic breakdown and parallel search.

Michael Tiller on Modelica


Michael Tiller is president of NAMUG and CEO of Xogeny. In this episode, Michael describes Modelica and explains why manufacturers need it. He also walks through writing the first book on Modelica vs his updated book, funded on Kickstarter.

Ryan Stamm on CFD consulting best practices


Ryan Stamm shares his unique and incredibly successful approach to CFD consulting. Plus, a couple of book recommendations for leaders.